Mapping & Modeling Services

Looking to create a high-resolution aerial map of your home or property?

Want to keep track of construction progress or record changes on your property?

You're looking for an Orthomosaic Map.

High-resolution photos can be combined to create a map overlay (called an Orthomosaic) of a home or property such as this one. These image overlays can be over 200 times more detailed than conventional satellite imagery.

Ground Sample Distance (GSD), is usually delivered as Pixels-Per-Inch or Pixels-Per-Centimeter. Ex: a 1-inch GSD would mean every pixel represents one inch.

The Benefits:

  • Using the interactive map, property owners can utilize these view approximate elevation data and generate line, perimeter, and area measurements without the need to pull out a tape measure.

  • Tracks, trails, and paths may become visible compared to low-res satellite imagery.

  • When selling a property, the buyer receives the most up-to-date aerial view, useful with new properties which may not be shown on satellite imagery services. They also benefit from the higher resolution as more detail can be shown.

  • You can share the map as easily as sending a link.

  • Standard service is provided with up to 1" GSD resolution.*

* Higher resolution may be available for an extra fee and can be determined during the site survey. Obstacles in flightpath may raise GSD minimums if in-flight interference will occur.

Not all property is capable of extremely high GSD. This is an example of what can go wrong when trying to capture a high-GSD map with a tall object in the capture area. To map correctly, the aircraft maintains a constant height in flight; any objects that stick out of the ground and fill the camera's sensor reduce the available image overlap which can cause errors while compiling the final image.

3D Models from map services.

When an Orthomosaic map is generated, these files can then be utilized to create a 3D model file. These files can be viewed online like in the example shown, or even 3D printed.